Commercial and Residential Pool Plastering 

Welcome to Southeastern Pool Plastering, centrally located out of Charlotte, North Carolina. We service the southeastern United States including, but not limited to North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, and Georgia. Whether your swimming pool plaster or surface is cracked, faded, or just in need of an upgrade, our skilled technicians provide top quality swimming pool plastering, swimming pool tile, and other pool upgrades. We also provide pool plastering and surface options for new pool installations as well as fountains.


Preparing the pool for plaster is the most important step of the plastering process. Any delaminating/hollow areas in the existing plaster must be removed to ensure a proper bonding surface for the new material. Next, you must chip around lights, drains, and return jets, etc to ensure a smooth seamless finish. In some cases, your pool may have paint, and this MUST be removed to ensure proper bonding of the new material. This can be performed using grinders, chipping hammers, and in some cases, sandblasting.

Bond Kote

After prepping and acid washing the pool, the next step is to apply a Bond Kote. A similar comparison to Bond Kote would be paint primer that you apply to any surface in or around your home. Bond Kote ensures a seamless bond between old material and new. Not all pool plastering companies use Bond Kote, however, Southeastern Pool Plastering ALWAYS uses Bond Kote as it is an industry standard practice that is also required by the manufacturer for your warranty to be valid!


The final step of the process is where the attention to detail on the last two steps pays off! Depending on the plaster selection and weather, in some cases, the pool may be filled the same day after the hand trowling has been completed.

Final Product

Now all the hard work has paid off! It’s time to throw a pool party to celebrate your new or newly renovated pool.

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