Old Pool Coping


Pool Coping is the decorative border that surrounds the edge of an inground swimming pool however it can be one in the same as the concrete pool deck. The options and design possibilities for pool coping are endless. Most clients choose to either use their coping to dictate the surrounding pool area’s design or use the pool coping to accentuate the existing pool design.

Safety is also another concern to think about when the pool coping is compromised. A section of coping that becomes loose or cracked can cause unstable footing that can lead to accidents. It’s always a good idea to have the damaged pool coping evaluated/repaired/replaced to avoid further damage or risk of injury.

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Pool Decking

We can also provide our clients with any swimming pool deck replacements or upgrades. Anything from repouring existing concrete decks, to travertine or paver overlays. We can make your backyard experience more aesthetically pleasing with a deck replacement or deck upgrade.

Coping IronSpot

Coping Bullnose


Coping Mosaic