Pool Plaster Repair

Pool plaster repair can remedy various plaster issues that may affect a swimming pool. There are four common plaster issues pool owners may come across: Discoloration, Cracking/Crazing, Etching, Delamination.


Pool Plaster Discoloration

Discoloration of plaster can have various causes, but whatever the cause we can take car of it for you. Most of the time the pool plaster repair for discoloration is a simple stain removal process and other times the repair for discoloration may call for an acid washing or renovation of the plaster.


Pool Plaster Cracking

Depending on the severity of the cracks in the plaster, a pool plaster repair can fix the cracks by filling them in. However if the plaster is cracked significantly and the overall integrity of the pool is compromised then a renovation may be in the future for the pool. Most pool plaster if done correctly should last many years and in the case that premature cracking should occur when can assist you with your pool plaster repair.


Pool Plaster Etching

When etching occurs in a plaster pool, soft spots start to develop and a deterioration of the pool plaster has occurs. Most etching is prevalent on steps, around wall fittings, pool lights, and the tile line. Pool plaster repair of etching can be accomplished by patching the areas that have begun to soften.



Pool Delamination

Delamination is a a preliminary issue that leads to more serious complications with pool plaster. Many times delamination goes unnoticed until cracks start to appear. Delamination is when the layer of plaster separates and is indicated by hollow sounds. Once cracks start to form the pool plaster becomes compromised and a pool plaster repair will be needed as the plaster begins to flake off.